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[Fixed] Text Path tool unusable for professionals

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Hi, I am extremely disappointed. I spent many hours in explaining what was made wrong in development of the Text Path tool. No results. Now it is going public.


e.g. characters (small i) on a circle are not positioned vertical (see picture 1). The result is unprofessional.


Even much cheaper apps do it properly (see picture 2).


The characters are turned incorrectly and result in rubbish. In picture 3 (comparison with correct results of a cheap competitor app) you can see how big the problem is. With serif typeface and different characters it is getting unusable.


When will it be fixed?




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Thanks for reporting this. It will be fixed in the next beta.


I'm sorry that we didn't respond quick enough for you. As it happens, I was away from the office for the first three days of this week, and had a backlog to deal with when I returned. This forum has been crazy busy lately.

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