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Hi there.

AD 1.8.0

Windows 10 Version 1909, 16 GiB RAM, nVidia GTX1050, Wacom Intous Medium (2012) Driver version: 6.3-38-2

Same as the previous 3 major releases the zoom and also the Pentool is unusable when leaving the window sometimes and come back after it. It locks for some strange reason and I cant make any storke anymore. (Only invisibe ones without any control) Also in the Pixel Persona working is still impossible if I need everytime restart several times the whole software just to make my tools working again. No proper workflow possible anymore and i cant hold in my deadlines.

Normally im not that disappointed but I actually need those programs to earn money. I also spend money to use them and I would love to use the programs as desired and without any problems. Right now it seems those major bugs are getting ignored with every release. I really hoped this issue got fixed in the new version. Sadly this didnt happend. If you guys need anything form me, logs or other stuff just tell me what you need and I'll send it.

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This happens to me as well sometimes but only on my home laptop and never at work. Running the same Windows 10 version (the most recent one 1909) on both and basically the same software. I thought it was a problem only on my end but it seems it is no.

I think the problem here is that you can't reproduce this issue at will.. it just happens with no apparent reason and the only way to solve it by closing Affinity Designer and open it again.

Hopefully it gets solved at some point!

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Sorry this is unacceptable thing. Sure Software has bugs but if I pay 60 bucks i also want that bugs getting fixed as soon as possible. Instead those bugs are existent since 1.6.x and It's just unacceptable that they werend fixed. Instead having an new fancy "new" dialgue or several new tools that are also buggy acording to the other posts im the forum. The same problem I had when my streaming software werent able to window-capture the canvas. Instead investigating the whole problem they said i should visit the developer forum of my streaming program, because its 100% not affinitys fault.

You actually can reproduce the issue when you minimize the Affinity window while having an document opened. After some surfing or longer inactivity of the window, Keystrokes, Tools and Zoom dont work properly anymore. Every now and then its enough to just change the window for a short time and everything locks up. Sometimes its enough to close the document and reload it and sometimes you need to restart the whole program. When streaming for the customer (without window capture) it is really not the best advertizement for the Affinity series if the artist needs to close the program every 5 minutes because I need to change the window to talk with my customer and the whole stuff is stuck or locked again.

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Hi Pockenfresse,

Sorry for the delay in responding. We've now reproduced this issue, and logged it with development. It happens when you interact with a different Window using a tablet pen, and then return to Affinity using the mouse. 

However it only occurs when using Windows Ink - if you go to Preferences > Tools you can untick 'Use Windows Ink for tablet input' and it will allow you use tablet input without the difficulties that Windows Ink is giving us.

Again sorry for the problems you are having, but thank you for you assistance with the issue! :) 

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We have made fixes/improvements to this area (Input breaks after switching from Tablet Pen to Mouse) of the program in the latest release.

The fixes and how to update are described in these forum posts.

We would appreciate you checking that this issue has now been resolved for you.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

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