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Shadow after selection refinement

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I'm testing Affinity maybe I replace Adobe CC with the three Affinity Programs. I created a simple Publisher document and placed a foto of a young girl. Then I changed the persona to photo and took the selection brush tool to cut out her of the background. After making the basic selection I pressed refine and with matte mode of the brush I drew along the borders of the girl. After leafing the left mouse button the selection was refined a lot an the result was very good. But now there's a shadow on the girls hair along  the cutting line where I drew with the refinement brush. What did I wrong?

Thank you for your answer in advancw.

Best regards



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I have never seen such a shadow-like margin so far, so I don't have a sample document.

What bothers me most is the unpredictable behaviour of the refine tool when it comes to brushing background or foreground areas. Theres is always some bleeding into the opposite area:

The amount of bleeding seems to be dependent on the brush size, but a 2px brush is useless IMO.

The second issue relates to the automatic colour decontamination which results in a difference between preview and avctual selection if you do not set output to mask.
In Photoshop colour decontamination can be switched off (it is by default).


Summing up this means that "refine selection" is not usable in a serious way which really is a pity because Affinity has taken some steps into the right direction...

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The problem that i mean isn't the outer side of the face but the shadow in the face f. e. between the man's (from his sight) left ear and eye. That wasn't there in the foto. Or at the girls left temple also not contained in the original foto of her.

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This is my attempt. I chose output to selection, made a mask and set the layer to difference. Except for some single pixels in the feathered area it is completely black, so no difference, no shadow.
Refining was difficult as usual, because the Matte brush made to much of the foreground transparent (that's ok, the image is quite a hard one due to lack of contrast and sharpness) and foreground and background brush spilled over into the opposite areas.


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I think theres a problem with understanding. I don'T mean the cutout itself but the Pixel shadow in the face or on the yellow dress at the border or insider the hair silouette of the picture in my 1st post. There where the refinement brush was drawing.

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