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I hope that I can describe the problem correctly. 

I am working on a logo, which should consist of the letters O and K. The K should be in front of the O, as well as behind the O.

After I drew an ellipse, which should represent the O, and converted it to a donut, I wrote the K over it with the Artistic Text Tool.

Next, I selected the two layers (the layer with the ellipse is on top) and used the geometry function divide.

Then I deleted protruding parts from the K and colored other parts that should be displayed above the ellipse.

Unfortunately very fine lines are always displayed. I don't know how I can prevent this. 

Can anyone help me?

For clarification I have exported a PNG and I also provide my afdesign file.



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Welcome to the forums.
I suspect this is because the Divide function has cut everything at places where the two shapes overlap, see where I have exploded your design in my attached image. The lines are showing where the shapes aren’t drawn – because of various technical reasons – exactly in the same place on-screen.
The quickest solution in this case would be to use the Geometry Add function to make new shapes from what you have already got, see attached video.
You still have some thin lines between the shapes at some points but you might be able to fix this with Blend Ranges. Unfortunately I don’t know that area well enough to advise but someone else probably will.

Annotation 2020-02-25 085106.png

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Hello, GarryP!

Thanks for your answer! That helps me for now. 

Maybe someone else can find another solution.

I haven't worked with Blend Ranges yet, I have to have a look.


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Hello FormatC,

You can draw the K then the O over it, put the chosen colors and convert to curves.
With the node tool, adapt the K to fit the O as desired, then duplicate it and put the copy over the O.
Then draw a rectangle with no fill or outline on the intersection to keep.
In the layers, drag the upper K into the thumbnail of the rectangle (until a horizontal blue rectangle appears at the bottom right of the thumbnail).


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