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rosa cobos

Live Gaussian Blurr has a bug.

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Hi friends,

I have to report a really impossible and fastidious bug that I have detected in my APH app.

Each time that I am applying a Live Gaussian Blur Filter to an image ( in this case it is a selected one  in its own layer) there appears and does increase in visibility, a sort of big gridding lines that are not of course tolerable for my purpose. These lines are of a purple colour and not specially discret.


As the launching has been very recently I guess that this problem will be solved out very soon. Meanwhile, at least today, I cannot use this filter.


I thank you for your splendid help that you are always offering and hope that you will find the solution for this problem.


Greetings from Bilbao, Spain.


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Where should I post it?

Can I do it in  a private linking?

The composition is quite heavy...does it matter?

Beside that when I do apply the Diffusse Glow Filter...another line appears as if by magic on the face´s browhead. A sort of horizontal line.

mmmmm..my composition has 183MB. Could I resize it? What would be the ideal size for uploading it?

I have copied it and resized again. With lower resolution. Now it has 60MB. Is that fitting?


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