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Hello Guys,

iam totally new to this whole photo manipulation thing. So i tried this tutorial (

), without having any idea of how layers, etc are working.

I know it is for PS but i thought it can't be this different. So i tried. Everything worked till the step at 2:41 where he adds a layermask and paints it black/white. whenever iam adding the layer and try to paint it black... like nothing happens.




So. am i Using the wrong layermask or any other failures on my side?


Thank you in advance


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nice tutorial i'm following it to.

What you have to do is click on the thumbnail on the mask to select it then you can paint on the mask.

By default a mask is always white and then you can paint with black to hide things and white to reveal.

What he did was selecting the mask and then used the flood fill tool to make it black, so to invert the mask.

Using the flood fill on a mask doesn't work in AF. What you have to do and what he had to do.is select the mask then go to menu -Layer- and choose -invert-

that is the more logicall approach.

Inverting the mask gives you the power to "add "certain effects ,like adjustments, to only a portion of your picture.If you don't invert you have to "remove" effects from your picture and that means a lot more painting.

Hope this make sense,you should really look up on masking in picture editing because it is very powerfull.



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hello Jack, 

finally it works how its meant to. Thank you so much.

I definetly want to get more into the matter. I just have to wait till more beginner Guides for AF are available. The self-made tutorials from serif are good but still for me as a total beginner, not enough. 

But I also learn by doing, so this step brought my a little closer to understand layers.

Thank you



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I'm struggling terribly with layer masks. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Clearly I just don't know what I'm doing because I can't repeat my successes.


Please can you repost where that tutorial can be found – the link in your opening post is gone and I can't find any official tutorials from Affinity on layers.


Thanks in advance...

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Perhaps someone will step up and do a tutorial on layer masks - hopefully one that might be not so much of a 'how to' but more of a 'why to' tutorial, as many seem to struggle early on with exactly what is going on and what one is trying to do when masking.

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