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how can i crop a single image in a collage of multiple images?

If i choose the crop tool i can only crop the hole "image" and not the chosen layer.



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Hi datincan,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

The Crop tool in Affinity Photo is document based, so you can't use it to crop specific layers.

You can use Layer clipping to control the area you want visible in the images. To do this draw rectangle with the Rectangle Tool which will be used as the clipping path, then drag the image layer over the rectangle layer in the Layers panel. Only the area of the image inside the rectangle will be visible. You can use the Move tool to position the image inside the rectangle - you may need to click the small arrow near the thumbnail to expand the layer and select the now nested image layer. If you have the latest Affinity Photo Beta installed you can also lock the image layer, clicking on Lock Children (with the rectangle shape layer selected which is the parent) in the context toolbar so you can adjust the rectangle shape (stretch, scale, rotate, whatever) without distorting the image inside.


I've mentioned the rectangle shape in the example/description above but you can use whatever shape you want to "crop" the image - stars, hearts whatever - or a closed path drawn with the Pen Tool.

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Thanks I actually found your response to a similar question later in the forums, but thanks a lot for explaining again, this is working great!


BTW I have the AP from the app store, I don't see a link to the beta on your site, if I wanted how do I download, will it run like a double instance, or overwrite the existing, can I just rename it to AP beta and run it or will it mess libraries up?



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You're welcome :)

You can download Affinity Photo Customer Beta from here (usually pinned at the top).

It doesn't interfere with the Mac App Store but you need to keep it installed to run the Beta since it's only available for customers.

The updates are also independent. As soon as a new Beta is available you will receive a notification trough a dialog along with a link to download the file from the forums when you run it.

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