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My first post so let me start out by saying how incredibly pleased I am to see a serious competitor to Photoshop.  Affinity Photo is getting close to being able to replace PS for most of my needs (and has hence saved me from getting locked into the CC subscription model).  For me, actions and plugin support will mean I will be able to 99% transfer my workflow.  I don't do illustration/graphic design work but I have also bought Designer because at that price it is both worth playing with and, more importantly, supporting the development effort.


A feature I find very useful in Photoshop is alt-clicking on a layer's visibility icon in the layers panel.  This causes all but the clicked layer to become invisible and thus allows that single layer to be viewed.  A second alt-click restores all layers to their original visibility settings.


This doesn't appear to work in Affinity Photo so is there some other way of quickly viewing a single layer and then simply restoring the original state of layer visibility?  Having to select all other layers and toggle them on and off is a tedious way to examine a single layer.

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Thanks, MEB.  Actually, I think that's a better way to do it.  It dissociates the single layer view from the overall layer visibility configuration.  Being able to view one layer while still seeing the state of each layer's visibility checkbox is helpful.

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