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Rectangular Marquee Tool

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I use the rectangular Marquee Tool quite a lot. When applying a high feather, say 500px, the selection has unwanted rectangles within it. Trying the same thing with the Elliptical Tool I found that the Elipse is changed to two crescents left and right. At 400px it seems alright. It looks like some development artifact that has been missed.


I did report this during Beta testing.

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Hi Mike


I'm having a bit of trouble replicating this, all I get is a rounded marquee which is expected with the feather.


Are you able to provide a screenshot or video demonstrating the issue at all?



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Hi Mike,

I'm not able to replicate this either. It's possible that what you are referring to is the feather being applied to the selection almost immediately after you've created it?


Here's the steps:

- change to the elliptical Marquee Tool

- set the feather to 1000px before creating the selection 

- create the selection on canvas

While you are creating the ellipse it has the same size as if it had no feather applied. As soon as you finish creating the selection - the feather is applied - and you see s small bump from the initial size to a smaller one (due to the feather). Is this "effect" that you are referring too?

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I attach two screen shots, one both showing artefacts in the selections. I am unable to reproduce the two crescent elliptical shot but the ellipse screen shot shows interior artefacts.



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