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Saving a document in affinity photo vs Photoshop

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G'day  everyone

Firstly I'm just been using Affinity Photo for about 2 months and I'm very pleased that I have done the jump and 'DUMPED' Photoshop. 

I have been looking at the pros and cons between Affinity Photo and Photoshop. But there's one BIG difference between the two that I can't find anywhere.  I'm referring to the time it takes to save a very large multi layered document and the differences are outstanding. 

In Photoshop the document would be saved by saving every layer and it can take a long time.


In Affinity Photo the same document is saved in a completely different way. Only the area and layers that you are working on is changed and combined into the document. 

I have been working on a extremely large file for a long time. It was originally created in Photoshop  and the resolution is 300, and the demetions are 1900cm wide by 560cm deep. There are about 50 layers. It was talking me about 30 to 40 minutes every time I saved this document in Photoshop, even if I only saved after changing one small area on one layer. 

In Affinity Photo, if I do the same thing in AFFINITY Photo it only takes a few seconds. And if I  change a few different layers and different areas along with the previous layer it would take a bit longer. 

My assumption is that in affinity photo only change the areas that you have been working on.

To me, this is a fantastic feature that have to be put to the PROS. 

The document that I'm referring to a model of a 1:30 scale 1730 sailing ship. It's an amazing kit, but I changing a few areas to make this  model unique. 

To make sure everything thing is correct I have scanned all the parts and redraw them using the PEN TOOL. I have the compete model showing the plan, side and end elevations.

Consequently this file is about 353.8gb in size. YES! THAT IS CORRECT 353.8 GIGABITS.  I have to work in the same size as the kit so I can do the changes.

I don't know any other way to do these alterations and HENSE, I'm iusing Affinity Photo now.



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Why do you need such resolution? 🙂

Anyway, if you do "Save as" it will take longer and get rid of some no longer needed data.

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