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Insert > Breaks Hotkeys Don't work

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I have bound hotkeys to Text > Insert > Line Break, Column Break, Frame Break, and Page Break

The only hotkey that works correctly is the default Line Break hotkey (Shift+Return).

The others do not work as expected.

Column Break (bound to Opt+Return) produces a Paragraph Break.

Frame Break (bound to Opt+Enter) produces a Paragraph Break.

Page Break (bound to Shift+Enter) produces a Space of some kind, however it doesn't show the blue dot that a normal space shows when you enable Show Special Characters. It has no symbol.

Selecting each option from the mouse menu works as expected.


Macintosh OS 10.13.6
APub 1.7.3


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On Publisher 1.81 I'm happy to say that Column Break and Frame Break hotkeys now work properly! Thank you!

Page Break hotkey still exhibits the same incorrect behavior—it produces a space, while selecting the option from the dropdown menu does work properly.

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