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a Valentine thank you

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With the artistic ability of a flea, and an elderly and very shaky camera hand, but also as a very-retired publisher and author, I have had the most glorious time since early 2017 with first: Photo, and then -- starting with the Betas -- Publisher; and last with Designer.   With Studio Link it seemed the fun thing to do to learn all three at once.   Maybe "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" and I am most certainly a very elderly specimen, but I have still learned so much and have had a glorious time in the process.  It could not have happened without the wonderful people at Affinity who have not only created these beautiful Applications, but who have also been consistently patient, extraordinarily courteous, and so quickly responsive to the questions I (and many others) have posted in these forums.   So thank you, @acapstick, @AdamW, @Andy Somerfield, @Ben, @Callum, @Chris B, Dan with the duck, @Dave Harris, @DWright, @Gabe, @James Ritson, @Jon P, @Lee D, @MattP, @MEB, @Patrick Connor, @Pauls, and @stokerg.   If I can learn -- anybody can!!

There are also so many Forum members who have taught me so much, either by responding to my howls for help, or by helping others.   So here is a feeble attempt to create a valentine for you all, using my trusty inpainting brush tool to rid the water of various and sundry floating stuff, one of Multi4G's 80 LUT's (Shade King's Ink at 100% opacity with a blend mode of Pin Light) to alter the swans' originally too-bright orange beaks and to mute the water color, a Live Filter> Unsharp Mask with a radius of 2 px, a factor of 0.5 and a blend mode of Normal to draw out the swans' neck feathers, and most of all, v_kyr's extremely generous envelope.afphoto file, which was so kindly shared with us in the Resources Forum.  I know that my image won't fit inside the envelope, by the way.   It was fun flipping back and forth between the three apps! 

Perhaps this is progress, after my original Designer donation over a year ago and about 5 minutes after I purchased that app!.  Anyway,  thank you everybody, and Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow to you all!


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11 hours ago, jmwellborn said:

Dan with the duck

When I changed my username I was certain there couldn't be any downside - but I forgot about 'tagging' users! 😅

You're certainly very kind and we appreciate your presence here on the Forums as much as you appreciate ours - Affinity is only as good as our customers help make it.
I personally think this community is wonderful, and I'm very proud to be a part of it 😊

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