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Designer crashes when importing vector brush set


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So I’ve been trying to import a vector brush set from Artifex Forge and the app keeps crashing when I try.

I imported another (different) brush set file from Artifex Forge today and I had no problems with that one. The file imports to the Mac Desktop version no probs.

I’ve also tried downloading the file onto the iPad from Google drive thingy as well as from my Dropbox but those only save into files in a greyed out way that I can’t seem to access from the Designer app.

Analytics data report thing:
 {"crashreporter_key":"884cb2c7dfccd5d8c94a8e3582cbba449426dd90","bug_type":"211","timestamp":"2020-02-13 11:01:37.17 +1100","os_version":"iPhone OS 13.3.1 (17D50)","incident_id":"78F307EA-88D3-4E61-98FE-87A20D99D603"}

I’m using iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation), software version 13.3.1 and the Affinity Designer software on the iPad and laptop are both version 1.7.3. in case that helps.

I’m attaching some photos in case that helps too.

Thanks in advance for any help. 






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Glad this is sorted out for you. 🙂

Unfortunately for me importing them still crashes iPad Designer in the same way as you previously described.

My spec: iPad software v13.3.1, iPad 6th gen, Designer v1.8.3.2

I've actually got around the problem by grouping the brushes into smaller categories, for example:

FV Shader, FV Diagonal, FV Dense, FV Horizontal etc

Then doing the following:

On Desktop Designer
1. create new brush categories (as above)
2. view the Vintage brushes in the brush studio panel
3. right click on each brush in turn and copy to a category (as created in step 1)
4. export the brushes to a Dropbox folder (or other cloud storage etc)

On iPad Designer
5. create new brush category to contain all the Vintage brushes
6. import the brushes (from step 4) *
7. view and right click (long press) each brush and move to the new category (as created in step 5)
8. repeat this until all the imported brushes have been moved
9. delete the empty categories

* Note: I still had difficulty (crashing) importing the diagonal brushes, but on a second or third try it worked.

v2.3.1 Designer/Photo/Publisher | Mac mini (M1, 2020) | Sonoma 14.3.1

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