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Jacob Aspler

Handling Symbols and future roadmap to building libraries of images

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I am very interested in moving into Affinity permanently but so far I don't see any way to create symbols which can be edited as separate documents and then handled as self contained objects within a work document.


This is critical to UI/UX work flow (a single change to a button can be instantly reflected in hundreds of documents) and can also be pretty useful for certain styles of illustration with repeating patterns.


Dose Affinity handle this in its own way? If not is it on the roadmap to being implemented as a feature?


In terms of this feature, it would be wonderful if these symbols can have many states - and each state can have property / behaviours added.


In a best case situation this feature set I would be supporting the following:


  • a symbol / object can have multiple states.
  • each state is a separate page,
  • each page has a properties panel to assign an action or variable.  e.i. "click / swipe action trigger page [X]" or "if [variable x] is true / false trigger page [X]"
  • symbols can be exported as SVG / PNG / GIF and each additional state is saved as a child file.   e.i. button_X.png, button_X_focus.png, button_X_disable.png, button_X_hover.png
  • symbols groups can be exported as an Axure RP library - this would be sooooo awesome but obviously difficult as the framework is very different
  • in the Export Persona mode, symbols can be automatically spliced and placed into HTML for quick mockups   



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