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Crashes if I use the gradient tool and then try to view gallery


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I am having problems with a document I have been working on for a while with no problems up until now. At one point it started crashing for apparently no reason. After quite a bit of experimentation, I determined that Designer crashed if I had used the gradient tool. 

It doesn’t crash while actually using the tool. It only crashes sometime later when I try to return to the gallery view.

Note a couple of things:

1) As far as I can tell, Designer only saves your work when you leave a document and return to the Gallery view. This means that none of the work I had done since the last “save” is saved if Designer crashes before reaching Gallery view, where, I assume, the document would finally be saved.

2) There is no way to explicitly save a document while working on it (except for the Save a Copy command, which doesn’t save the document in place but saves it as a separate document somewhere you specify).

3) I had, in fact, saved an external copy before my problems started. Once they did, I recalled my saved copy and started working on it. This is when the crashing started. Somehow, this document must have become corrupt before I saved the external copy, because if I work on either copy, the same problem manifests.

4) I have tried using the gradient tool in other existing documents without seeing this problem. This leads me to believe these two documents specifically, are corrupted. How does a document become corrupt to this extent where just using a standard tool crashes the program?

Your questions:

Are you using the latest release version?
I am using Version

Can you reproduce it?

Yes. Originally the problem seemed to be related to using gradients, but now this document seems so unstable that it seems to crash after any operation.

Does it happen for a new document? If not do you have a document you can share that shows the problem?

Apparently not. I’ve provided a sample document.

If you cannot provide a sample document then please give an accurate description of the problem for example it should include most of the following:

What is your operating system and version (Windows 10, OSX Mojave, iOS 12 etc)?

IOS 13.3

What happened for you (and what you expected to happen)

I can work normally without problems. However, if I have used the gradient tool at all, the next time I try to return to the Gallery view, Designer crashes to the springboard instantly (without saving any changes that have been made).

Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did).

See the answer immediately above  

Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video.

See attached video. Is there a way to show the touches on the screen when recording?

Any unusual hardware (like tablets or external monitors or drives that may affect things) or relevant other applications like font managers or display managers.

Not that I am aware of.

Did this same thing used to work and if so have you changed anything recently? (software or hardware)

Yes, this file used to work fine. Unfortunately, I don’t recall anything specific that might have precipitated this change—no major crash, no power failure, no witch doctor curse (of which I am aware).



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Thank you! That seems to have fixed the problem.

Did the history get corrupted during the saving? Do I need to be concerned saving copies with history included (which is very useful) in the future?

I'll keep an eye out to try to determine what caused this to happen.

Thanks again for your help.

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