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apply style to group

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let's imagine a style composed of two line aspects: a white one of 2 pt and a black (lower) one of 6 pt.
The line thus composed has the appearance of two black parallel lines. Now imagine crossing two lines with this aspect: one is superimposed on the other, and at the intersection the top line is not broken. But if I could apply the style to the line group then in the intersection you would have a real intersection and all the lines would break. This is great when, for example, we draw a path of roads.

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Hello, fest,

I don't know if this method would suit you:

Draw the road with a thick black stoke, check "Add new Curve to Selected Curves Object" in the context bar.
In the "Appearance" tab of the studio, right-click on the Stroke, "Duplicate", set the color of the new Stroke to white and slightly decrease the thickness of the Stroke to obtain the edges of the road.
It is then possible to continue drawing the road or to modify it. In the case of an intersection with itself, such as a crossroads, the lines intersect automatically.

Finish your lines with a double-click. If you keep the selected roads, you can start another road anywhere and it will have the same characteristics as the others and the lines will also break at the new crossroads.

To open the ends of the routes, set CAP to "Butt Cap".


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Another related issue:

I have a group of curves (not a "Curves object" like above), and want to apply the same style to all of them.

Is there a quicker way than to go to the layers panel and open the group there and then select all the curves and finally apply the style?

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Hm, I think there's a little bit of inconsistency here:
When you select a group, you can change all the members at once by selecting another colour, or changing the stroke etc. These changes are "passed on" to the members. But when you want to give all the members the same style, you have to select each one of them separately. It does not work if you only select the group. 

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4 minutes ago, G13RL said:

You can apply the desired style to a curve, copy it. Select the set of curves and press "Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V" to apply the style to all the curves at once.

Thanks, I tried this. This only works with a "set of curves", but not with a group produced by Ctrl/Cmd-G.

I've opened a bug report because of the inconsistent way a "group" passes changes down to its members.


The behaviour has previously been mentioned here:


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I can see that there might be a bit of confusion when you have a group selected and want to add a style. Should the style be added to a "unified" or "merged" version of all the members, like the original post in this thread suggests? Or should it apply to all the members individually. The results will not be the same, and both ways can be really useful.

I hope that in some far off future, both these options will be available 😎

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