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Export t-shirt from Designer to Illustrator on SVG?

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I'm in the process of finishing up a t-shirt project for a local fencing club's upcoming tournament. Over the years, I've used Adobe Illustrator with no issues. But now that I have Affinity Designer, I tested an export to SVG and other formats to the local screen printer and he was able to view them. BUT, he kept seeing the historical fencer's arm and legs extended outside of the canvas on his Adobe Illustrator which is strange since he's not supposed to. According to the screenshots attached, you'll see that his arm, legs and foil weapon are 'cropped' in. He asked me to 'knock' out the sides but I don't know if the crop tool is the right one to use for this purpose. Was I supposed to do it within the embedded image or linked? Or directly on the document? 

Upon viewing the outline modes, I saw the fencers were not in vector even though they were converted to SVG vector paths using Adobe Capture. Was I supposed to place these images as linked or embedded? Every time I double click on these layers, it takes me to another 'embedded' window. All the text were converted to curves/paths and the gray area lames on the modern fencers' chests are vector shapes. The gray tones are the same gray color as the historical fencer to keep things consistent without using the opacity level drop. The GOLD layer at the bottom is just a simulation of what the actual shirt color is supposed to be. 

The shirt area is about 10 x 10 inches all around. The screen printer guy can take PDF, SVG, EPS, etc. But I've heard SVG is the best route to export to Adobe Illustrator.

 If anyone can enlighten me on what I may have overlooked, that would be appreciated.





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UPDATE: After some experimenting, I think I figured it out! I copied the original affinity file with paths and pasted it in the shirt file and the outlines can be seen. No wonder the embedded approach with 'Placing' an image didn't work out. The more I learn my way around Designer, the better it gets. I realized that double-clicking on an embedded image takes you to the 'embedded' window, not directly on a pasted vector image. 

Now, I'm hoping that 'cropping' the vector image will solve the knock out on each sides and allow the screen printer to print the file with SVG which he said worked well.

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