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Daniel Gibert

Placed designer artboards have incorrect wrap outline

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Whenever I place a Designer document on Publisher and wrap text around an artboard, the wrap outline does not match the size of the artboard, in a totally random way, so I must resize the wrapping manually every time I place a Designer file. If I modified the artboard later on Designer, and do a "Reset Wrap Outline" it reverts to the incorrect wrapping, despite having modified the artboard size, instead of detecting and resetting to the new artboard size.


  1. Do some text layout on Publisher
  2. Place a Designer document with artboards
  3. Add a text wrapping to the placed artboard (Results on incorrect wrap outline)
  4. Edit the incorrect wrap so it matches the artboard size.

Tested with different Designer files with multiple artboards (also single artboard documents) and each result in a totally aleatory wrapping size. Each tried document result in a totally different wrapping error, with no noticeable pattern.

Publisher 1.7.3 - Designer 1.7.3 - Mac OSX 10.15.2


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A bit more of details on the issue (Tested now on beta 1.8.0556)

1 - placing a designer artboard makes use of the warp outline from the first artboard of the designer document, using its original size.

2 - If you place another artboard from the same designer document, it still use the first artboard dimensions to create the wrap

3 - If you modify the size of any placed artboard (Lets say, you reduced it) and then reset the wrap dimension (Via reset button), the result is again the first artboard's outline on its original size.

What should be expected?

1 - When you place an artboard from a Designer document, it should use the artboard current shape and size for its warp outline, not from the first one

2 - Subsequent artboards should use their respective shape and size for the warping

2 - If you reset a warp outline, it should have in consideration the current element size, and the current artboard being used, not revert to first one shape and size.

I hope this could help.



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