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Refine Selection — SPEED, please!

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Again, I am a veteran Photoshop user who is desperately trying to get weaned of PS and start using AP exclusively.  But the speed of AP's "Refine Selection" is just terrible.  Any adjustment is followed by about 3 seconds of waiting on my 3.06GHz iMac.  And yet on the same iMac, PS's "Refine Edge" features work instantly, with no delay at all.  Change Feather, Smoothness, etc.  It doesn't matter.  PS is instantaneous while AP gives a progress bar.


This seems to be related to the same slowness we see with the Export Calculations.  These things need to be instantaneous, and on our modern machines, there is no reason they should not be, especially when they are instantaneous in Photoshop.



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Glad you mentioned this, I am having exactly the same trouble on my iMac. I'm only running on an older 2GHz machine so wondered if my machine was causing the problem. I use PS Elements - the refine selection on Elements is instantaneous, so I'm not sure why AP takes several seconds - I get a progress bar at the top of the screen every time I click something in AP's refine section. It's not really usable. Hopefully this will get fixed, as I love AP and want it to be the best it can be.


Thanks for reading.

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