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32bit HDR files. Performance.

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One of the great things with Affinity it is full 32bit support for HDR file formats such as EXR

The problem, performance is terrible when there are numerous layered such files in one document.

It just crawls, its awful. Sorry.

Will there be a push towards speeding things up in this regard?Throwing many 32bit layers into Photoshop is a breeze, and suffers little.



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Hey MancDan,

Editing 32bit files is fine on my machine. I don't really notice a difference between that and say, 16bit.

Can you be more specific about the type of layers you're using? I'm editing one now that has 7 Live FIlter Layers and I can happily paint and make corrections. Perhaps attaching an example might help.

Also, what are the specs of your machine? My PC is a mid-high end machine but it isn't amazing by any stretch.

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There does seem to be a general performance thing. I've a Chillblast I9 special and Apply Image tranformations aren't much quicker than my I5 Microsoft Surface Pro IV.

How well does APh use multiple cores?

Dave Straker

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