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Plugins for DESIGNER & PHOTO!

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When is AFFINITY going to allow plugins to be made for their software?

I would really like to use HOT DOOR CADTOOLS. Its an amazing plugin. I recently asked them if they intend on making a DESIGNER version. But they said AFFINITY doesn't allow this?

This is odd, these other companies can help you grow and give us users the specific needs  they require. 

This goes for PHOTO as well. 

AFFINITY your software is great, but it could be even more amazing with tons of companies supporting it. Please open the doors to these developers. If you don't believe me see how BLENDER had risen to the top of the 3D with completely open source coding. The addons for this software are amazing, making great software even better and one of the best communities for software ever.

Just my thoughts



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Designer does not support plugins. It may do in the future, but don't hold your breath.

Photo supports many plugins that conform to the strict Photoshop plugin specification. These include those from Nik and Topaz. If you search for "plugin" you will find many others. I have a couple of dozen in my Photo installation.


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+1. There is SO MUCH that independent developers could do with a plugin API on Designer... the possibilities are breathtaking. It's a win-win - we get the features we've been asking for, the dev team gets some of the load off their backs, some indie developers could even make some money. Why on Earth not? As OP says, look at Blender, look at Figma. Plugins are awesome.

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I agree, plugins would be so awesome.

Creating a plugin interface isn't a small task though, so if implemented it will have to be robust and last for many versions to come.

I think Sketchup has made a pretty good plugin interface with plugins not updated for 5-6 years still working and going strong in the 2023 version of Sketchup Pro.       

I keep my thumbs crossed for this to be implemented in both Designer and Publisher. 

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