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Affinity Photo - Minor UI bugs with Marquee, Inpainting Tool and Adjustment Layer masks

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Hello Affinity,


Congratulations on creating the first real competition that Photoshop has ever had. Photo is a great application!


I found a few small bugs in the UI. They're just minor annoyances... nothing major.





Inconsistent Keyboard Shortcut Response


-  Select Marquee Tool

-  Hold down  [Command+Spacebar] and click to zoom.

- The first click is usually counted as a “deselect” instead of a zoom. When clicking quickly, the second or third click usually causes it to work properly.

-  The behavior is the same when using [Option+Spacebar] to zoom out.



Shift Key Should Add To Current Selection


-  Select Marquee Tool

-  Make a selection

-  If the Shift Key is held down and another selection is made, it should Add to the current selection. Currently, it deselects the current selection and begins to create a selection that’s constrained to a square. The Option Key behaves properly in this respect because if a selection is made and then another selection is made with the Option Key held down, it Subtracts from the first selection.




Icon Changes to Move Tool Icon


-  Select Inpainting Tool

-  Click canvas scrollbar and mouse back over the canvas

-  Icon will have changed to the move tool icon

-  Tapping the spacebar will revert the icon to its proper state




Option Click should also revert to non-mask view


-  Option+click shows the contents of an adjustment layer mask, but it should also return the user to the non-mask view when they click on the mask again.

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