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Peter Werner

Filter preview clipped when applying to raster layer with rotate transform on it

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To reproduce:

  • Draw with the brush tool or otherwise generate a raster layer with some content
  • Using the move tool or the transform panel, add a rotate transform to the layer
  • Run a destructive filter command from the main menu (tested with Radial Blur)
  • Increase the Angle parameter for the filter to have a visible effect
  • With the preview active, click somewhere on the canvas to set the center point for the effect to something meaningful, like the center
  • BUG: The filter preview will now be clipped rectangularly (presumably to a memory manager tile boundary) and not display in the extended area the filter would expand the layer region into.
  • Applying the filter will now briefly show a huge bounding box for the layer, which after a short moment shrinks to the correct size
  • The final rendered result is correct even though the preview was not.

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