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Which (if any) Serif Product Has Templates For Creating PDF's?

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Hi, I had previously been using Serif Page Plus X9 to make pdf's for my business, it had templates that were good enough. Now that X9 is no longer, the template options are limited and not very useful to me as I am not a graphic designer. 

Neither Affinity Designer nor Publisher make mention of templates being available to assist in designing. 

Any help would be appreciated as I simply need to create somewhat simple pdf's to advertise my businesses services to prospective customers. (i.e. I'm not making multi media catalogs or other perhaps more advanced publications.



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Use PP to open/modify a template. Export to pdf. Open in AD or APub.

The current beta also has the start of InDesign IDML support (it is, and will be, a work in progress). There are many template sites that off fee-based and some free templates for ID, which usually come in the form of IDML files (IDML is a format that can be opened in ID CS4 and to all new versions of ID). Point is this opens up many template opportunities.


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Thanks @MikeW, the only program I have purchased is PP, I do not have ADAPub, nor InDesign. I'm just looking for a program that has a selection of templates I can choose from so that I do not have to buy a template(s) that ultimately is not going to work for me.

Additionally, I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars per year on something I am only going to use a few times.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks!

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Serif isn't including any templates for the Affinity applications.

There are many free InDesign templates for which, once the APub 1.8 beta is released, can open many of them.

But, just keep using PP if you are unwilling to spend any money, which is an investment, for your business. Affinity applications are about $50. Some high-quality templates will cost $20 or so (less/more). There are also free templates for ID which don't cost a thing.

Do whatever you want. Only you know what it is worth for you and/or your business.

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Thanks again @MikeW, I am all for spending money where it serves me for the job at hand. However, I am not willing to take a chance on making a purchase that does not serve my objective(s), or takes 100's of hours for me to figure out work-a-rounds to make it work.


Btw templates are no longer available for purchase on PP because it has been discontinued, more than happy to purchase APub and a template to get started, but I'm not finding a list of template options online. Again, happy to spend money to further my business, but not willing to throw money around in hopes something will work for me.



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There aren't templates for Affinity applications. While there may be a couple in the Resource section, I suspect they are not usable for your needs. If users and/or other third-party template makers begin making them, it'll take years for them to cover a wise range of "subjects" to make them worth pursuing.

Which is why I suggested ID IDML templates. At least once APub 1.8x is released. Even so, they won't be as "automatic" as the previous PP templates, especially pre-filling of data or PP's Theme colors ability.

As the aforementioned template issue is a deciding factor for you, I don't know what to say. While I have access to a thousand or more templates for ID, PP, Xara P&GD, etc, I have rarely used a template. Mostly, I keep samples of magazines, ads, books, and more as scans/images, or the physical product and incorporate ideas/concepts from one or more into a fresh design.

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1 hour ago, Rossjackson01 said:


Have you been to the legacy site to see if any current members are willing to send you their old templates files that they downloaded?

Especially if using for business purposes, it might be a good idea to check where they were downloaded from, and what the T&Cs were regarding re-distribution.

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