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Loading from sdcard into Affinity Photo

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Not really practical when dealing with hundreds of images in the field. I actually got it to work from within my iPad files as you suggested, but not from the sd card. Actually having asked Apple they reckon that it is the way Affinity is written, as I can access files directly from my sd card and 4TB hard drive in Filterstorm and Lightroom as I would on a laptop. There are also a number of forum entries from people having the same issue. As I indicated Apple made a great leap forward when allowing IPadOS access to remote drives/hard drives as it makes the IPad as good as a laptop. With this enabled I could use my pad instead of my macbook pro.

You have been kind in offering support, thanks. Just need Serif to sort out the file handling routine so that we don't have to drag and drop or import into photos. Its like having a F1 car (Affinity) with a tractor engine. You will get there but slowly!

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It's also unclear to me what steps are involved, at least when selecting multiple files from my SD card. If I select the SD card in Files, I can use Select, click on a number of images, but then what do I do? I cannot drag them directly to Photo, as the drag only moves the one file out of all the ones I selected, i.e., the multiple selection goes away. I can copy the multiple selections to the Affinity Photo folder on the iPad using Files, but they don't automatically show up in Photo -- I have to drag them one-by-one to Photo, still not a good solution.

So what are you doing differently? Please explain all your steps.

I still think it would be a good idea for Serif to add direct import from the SD card on the iPad. With the new iPadOS, apps do have access to external storage like SD cards. Adobe proved that by offering direct imports from SD cards into Lightroom Mobile with their latest version.

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I cannot get a screen like yours (iPad Pro, iPadOS 13.3) when reviewing the images on my sd card. I never see that "cloud download" icon, for instance. See attached screenshot. I can select a number of images, but when I try to drag those to Affinity Photo, only the one that I can my finger on transfers. We're obviously doing something different with the sd card that's attached to our ipads.



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