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Some suggestions to improve workflow and usability

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Hi all

After using Affinity Publisher for a few weeks now (and being generally happy with it) to create a weekly advertising and news magazine, I have some suggestions to improve workflow and usability.

1. Assets
I make extensive use of the assets function with around 300 assets (all images) organized in different categories which have to be changed, replaced, reorganized and renamed all the time. 
a) I would love to see new assets added at the top of the list instead at the end. This would save me a lot of scrolling in order to rename and reorganize them.
b) It would be much more convenient if a selected asset would be highlighted in the list as soon as it is right or left clicked. Especially on long lists.
c) Opening the rename asset dialog with a simple double click on the asset would be super handy.
d) Selecting the text in the rename asset dialog input field automatically on open would also save me a lot of clicks.
e) Being able to drag and drop assets to the list on Windows would be a milestone. The "Add from the list" feature works but is really annoying.

2. Defaults
a) It would be nice if defaults are not changed without user interaction.
Example: Create a text frame with four columns and defined it as default. When you insert a new text frame it has four columns. But as soon as you change the new text frame from four to three columns the defaults are also changed to 3 columns so the next text frame, which should have four columns as defined before has only 3 columns. I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but it's super annoying.
b) A default setting for text wrap would also be nice. A simple checkbox in the Text Wrap dialog to define the selected style and distance from text as default will do. When a default is set a single click on the close button (or maybe on an additional toolbar button) should apply the saved default text wrap settings.

3. Align
It would be good to be able to center something on a page instead of the spread. On a two page spread the align buttons are currently using both pages as the reference for alignments. If I have a text frame or an image it is not possible to horizontally center this on the page with a simple button click.

If I missed some functionality covering one of the above points (which are just my 2 cents) please enlighten me.

Win 10, i7, 32 GB Ram


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