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A "biggie": better sensitivity in Affinity Photo

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First, I must commend Affinity team for the great software they have produced. I have all of them and buy most of the relevant additions for Affinity. They have filled a great vacuum in the market of digital art software.

I lived in Japan some years ago and at the time I was introduced to Illuststudio (now Clip Studio Paint) as well as other popular art programs in the country. One thing I noticed is that they had (and still do) fantastic pressure sensitivity in their software compared to most. Over the years I have bought many art programs and have yet to experience a better brush engine, as far as pressure sensitivity goes. Even some new programs that have been awarded as great emulators of traditional art don't compare in sensitivity.  I have both Wacom and ULogic tablets that work great with Affinity Designer in vector mode, but when switching to pixel in AD or in APhoto they require a lot more pressure on the screen. I know there are other art software with very good pressure sensitivity in the market but the nice thing about APhoto for example, is that it has filters and other adjustments that some art software lack.

I know this is a "biggie" but is there a way to get more pressure sensitivity in Affinity pixel mode? 

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16 hours ago, sdrum said:

they require a lot more pressure on the screen

What about just changing the pressure profile of the tablet? The apps just rely on the data they receive and every Wacom model can be adjusted in driver settings.

EDIT: Wacom even support different settings for different apps so you can change the pressure sensitivity only for AD or APh.


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Hi @sdrum,

18 hours ago, sdrum said:

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I have done that already.

I'm not entirely sure what you're looking for. 

You have the Wacom pressure profile as a global pressure and individual profiles in the "Dynamics" section of each brush.

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I transitioned to Clip Studio for my more painterly stuff some time ago, so I agree with you completely on the fluid brush engine. It behaves as you expect a tablet to perform for painting jobs. I even replaced my pens in fact as they were aging to test ongoing issues with pressure in Affinity. It's still hard to get that feel. So I've done some experimenting. I actually have the opposite problem, it feels too heavy-handed and requires a very light touch. Mainly I just use soft/hard rounds for minor brushwork and masking for photo retouching these days.

The brush engine seems to work a bit differently than the typical opacity/flow duo method in other programs. For example, to achieve a truer to 0-100% linear pressure sensitivity curve, you have to at least set "Accumulation" at 50% as it "overloads" the brush for lack of a better term and will require a very light touch. So I would suggest checking that. Also you can try adjusting "Flow".

It may help the most to share the settings of the "typical" brush you use so others can suggest any changes. And also so we can test against your setup...

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