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Updating relocated linked images In Publisher with Resource Manager. Cant it be more automatic?

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When I move the location in the Finder of a folder of images that are linked to in a Publisher document, the Resource Manager immediately indicates a broken link. Thats fine.

I can relink it using the Resource Manager. BUT, it seems to require that I do that individually for every single image, ONE BY ONE. Not cool!

When I did the same thing in InDesign, if I relinked one relocated image, it would tell me that it had found other similarly linked files in the same folder and ask me if I wanted to relink them all also.

I would say yes, and it would do all of them in one shot. I cant find this option in Publisher. Does it simply not exist? and if so, WHY NOT!

Please tell me Im just not seeing that option in the UI.


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It exists, Thomas, but not in the Resource Manager.

Close your Publisher document. Reopen it. Choose Yes when prompted (not Resource Manager, which is the more obvious choice). You'll get a Finder dialog, with a file name specified. Navigate to the new folder for that file and select it. Publisher will find all the other files that are in that same folder.

Perhaps someday Resource Manager will get that same function.

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Wow! Thanks Walt!

That worked perfectly. What they should do is elaborate on the Yes button and say something along the lines of "Click Yes to relink all broken links within this document."

Thanks again.

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