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Notes and bugs about workflow with Affinity apps

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For the first time I used APub — .502, I missed the last update — for a small project at work: a wish card with photo and a small amount of text for yesterday*. (I begined the project on ID, and decided to test using APub, importingthe IDML file).

  • One of the most annoying part was needing to select "All pages" when exporting to PDF. The last option used should stay selected, or "All pages" should be the first option (= always selected), or it should be part of the preset for export.
    Unless working on small documents, the clients and we want PDF by pages, not by spreads, and it's easier to display a PDF as a book with a 2 pages view than trying to display or print half a spread! Please, modify this default behaviour.
  • Another really annoying part: I worked on the photo in AP, and saved the Affinity file, and exported various stages of the images to test and compare.
    Thoses images cames from differents folder for this project, and I had to work on other images for other projects, with images in other folders too.
    Each time I had to check where I saved the AP file or AP exports, since Affinity apps are unable to propose by default to save a file or the exported ones in its original folder!
    It's really a pain. Please, the apps should by default use the same folder as the opened image/file, or, if another folder was selected for this file, keep on with this new path for this file.
    We shouldn't waste time searching folders for ours files.
  • On opening a document with linked images, APub display an error message about missing images, but it seems it's not accurate. There's no missing linked files in the Ressources manager. Perhaps it should wait a little longer for the link to be checked or downloaded? Same problem with overflow when exporting to PDF.
    If those files or the overflowing text aren't on pages but somewhere on the canvas, those messages shouldn't occur).
  • When using the "replace image" feature, please, don't display the new image at 2000% (72 PPI display)! I used 300PPI images, and when replacing one by another of the same size (variation) or similar (300PPI),  it should be at the same size and position, no time to waste resizing it.
  • After importing the IDML file, there's no choice, and the images are embedded. The same image embedded 5 times but with no modification, will be exported 5 times! It should be linked to the same file.
    Linked/embedded option shoud be an app parameter in the preferences, a setting when creating new document set to preference parameter, and if we open a PDF or an IDML, the app should ask from the start to link (and export if needed) or embed the files.
  • The app should use relative pathes, and be able to retrieve the linked files if the folder structure is similar.
  • I don't know why, but after importing a PDF, when I modified the imported project (single pages) to facing pages, the 1st and the last pages had the width of a spread instead of the width of a page.
  • [edit] The app doesn't process well and hangs doing fast shortcuts for actions needing to display some info as in "ctrl+s" (save) followed by "ctrl+shift+alt+s" (export). [/edit]



* Usually we've got a planning, but bosses don't mind plannings and there's always more urgent than urgent than planned work to do…

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