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Faster patches for major bugs and skipping versions for "there's an update" popup message

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So for version 1.7.3 there was a problem with the brushes, many of my brush-sets just can't be imported. This problem has been reported a few days after release. Now this was in release 1.7.3 and there was no fix so far. Why's that (that's a major bug which should be fixed as immediate as possible, no?)? I expect that when u release a version with a major bug that you release a patch some days later that fixes that and not wait half a year until your next "sub-version" is being released. Smaller bugs will be no problem if people have to wait longer until next sub-release but major bugs like brush-import not working really should be fixed earlier than 1.7.4! like with a version 1.7.3b or something.

"Secondly": I'm still every day seeing the "there's an update available" popup message because I'm using 1.7.2 and it's F**** annoying! every day I'm looking if there might be an update... annoying... so this will also be another request to be able to skip versions when seeing this update-popup message. At least then, the next time it would show I'd actually know version 1.7.4 has been released. Or at least state the version number in the update-popup message, this way I don't have to press it every day :(

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