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[Fixed] Masking bug with circles

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Seems there is a bug in the masking feature when applying a shape to a layer.


I have a circle and a square. To crop the square to follow the circle shape, I duplicated the circle shape and applied it to the whole group.


The rectangle is not cropped correctly for whatever reason. It's like cropping but as if the mask circle was using a line but it's not.


Attached file.



BUG MASKING.afdesign


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Ok, so to arrive to this bug:

1. duplicate a shape that has a line

2. Apply the shape to a group

3. Select the shape and remove the line.


The crop won't take it into account.


I am not sure that taking into account the line is also the good behavior. I believe people want to maks according to the shape and not the rendering of the shape.

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The line is on the object forming the mask, so it gets masked to 'what would've been drawn if the object wasn't a mask'... Imagine that instead of using one circle, you'd used a complicated group as the mask - you want your shapes to mask against this group, the way it looked - complete with all of its alpha transparent areas affecting the mask because that allows you the greatest flexibility. If we took this away, someone else would argue that it is weak because it always just clips to the object's wireframe. At least this way it is doing exactly what you've asked of it, and if you didn't want that, you could actually just set no line/transparency/whatever and it would draw as you expected.


Incidentally, we did use to have it working the way you described (it was my original implementation!) but there were downsides - like, you couldn't draw a vector line (maybe even put a nice stroke brush on it) and then mask to it - it didn't use the line in the masking so it masked to nothing and didn't work at all well, so this is one of the reasons it changed to be the way it is now.




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ok I understand. But so it's still a bug that the masking doesn't change if I remove the line no ? :)


should handle it on the fly instead of having to remove the object and add it again  ^_^

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Well, I can't actually see mine going wrong - if I tell it that the cropping shape has no line, the group is no longer cropped against the line. However, I can see a bug that is if I use a circle to crop against, the actual crop it uses is the circle's wireframe with line weight cropped to the bounding box of the circle's wireframe - so it basically doesn't include the line width on the middle top, bottom, left and right points! :S

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