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Expand the family products?

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I'm very much in sync with a lot of the CEO talk after the revelation of studio link a while ago, I started investing in the tools just for this hope :), its branding name and got realised finally. I do not think affinity has really a need to compete on video or 3d as next product but capitalise on the existing 2d focused persona to create new ones that leverage existing vector and raster functionality. I can see something good with an eventual "Affinity Animator" to take on spine/spriter/live2d rigging and more traditional flash like products reusing a lot of existing product code for all the vector/raster processing, and potentially an "Affinity Architect" architecture/cad persona to build upon illustration feature into a more technical vector drawing set of tools.

As UI/UX person I would really like to see a prototype persona in the form of "Affinity Experience" to take fully on Sketch and Adobe XD, the base of Affinity designer and photo, with added responsive/animate tools for ui/ux/collaboration, and a single format would make something great and very powerful, granted you have enough manpower to catchup with the years of features built by competitors. You did with some of those adobe behemoths, so I have faith :)

I do think Serif has good a very capable team, good vision of a CEO, and a clean modern code base to work with, there are the basis for a true extensive and cohesive product suite for the next 10 years and beyond.

At this price point, absolutely a no brainer to conquer the world

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