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Trying to connect two nodes is very buggy.

Make two simple separate lines with the brush or pencil tool.  Select the node tool then select one node from each line.  Start with the two that are closest to each other.  Click the "join curves" on the toolbar and MAYBE they will join to each other.  It gets crazy.  Let's say that it worked as expected. Now, select one of those nodes and move it closer to the other node on the other line.  Now select the same two nodes again, and try to join them again.  Here's is what is possible to happen now.  The two selected nodes WILL NOT join.  The to unselected nodes MIGHT join. Or, the Node you have selected, and the one that it's closest to, though not selected, MIGHT join.  And as you move the node around, any and all of those possibilities may happen.  It makes no difference what you have selected.  Selection, is only a factor when the two nodes are close together.  When the two selected nodes are farther a part, all of those other crazy possibilities come into play. 

Compare that, to how DrawPlus used to join curves.  While still holding the brush tool, you could freely select two nodes, any two nodes from either end, and drag one onto the other and they snapped and joined and became one!

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