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This looks like it could possibly be something to do with Colour Management and/or Colour Profiles.
I can’t help with either of those, unfortunately, but if you give more precise information about the image and your Photo set-up (as shown in my attached images) someone can probably help you.

Annotation 2019-11-25 091921.png

Annotation 2019-11-25 091949.png

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5 hours ago, AverytheFurry said:

I am using Affinity Photo and I have exported an image, but the colors are all f'd up on some programs. Attached are some images showing the discrepancy. I have no clue why they won't display correctly on most programs, especially since some are displaying it correctly.

Hi @AverytheFurry, looks like a colour management issue. The apps you're viewing the image in either won't be colour managed (looks like Photos isn't at all) or might be colour managed to a specific colour space. Being that it's for video streaming/recording, OBS might be assuming Rec.601 or Rec.709 colour primaries (or assuming sRGB and converting to Rec.601/Rec.709).

As @GarryP mentioned, could you check what colour profile your document is using? To do this, make sure you have the View Tool selected (H on the keyboard) and look at the context toolbar readout. You'll have the pixel resolution followed by the colour profile.

To ensure colours look as consistent as possible with apps that aren't colour managed, you're best off working in sRGB. You can either convert your document colour profile whilst working on it (Document>Convert Format / ICC Profile) or during export. To do it at export time, click the More dialog option and set ICC Profile to sRGB IEC 61966-2.2.

If OBS is your intended destination, you might also want to try setting your document colour profile to Rec.709 (HD) or Rec.601 (SD) to see if that makes the result in OBS look consistent with what you're seeing in Affinity Photo. In the OBS Settings dialog, you've got the Advanced category where you can set the Colour Space. I believe it defaults to 601 but you can change this to 709.

That said, from your screen grabs it looks like the result in OBS is very similar or the same as what you're seeing in Affinity Photo—which apps are you having issues with?


[Edit] If you have a spare 10 minutes this colour management article on Spotlight may be of use (specifically the part near the end which covers document colour profiles: https://affinityspotlight.com/article/display-colour-management-in-the-affinity-apps/


Product Expert (Affinity Photo) & Product Expert Team Leader

@JamesR_Affinity for tutorial sneak peeks and more

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