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Hey everyone. I've tried to create a Magazine cover with some of Designer's features to see how they stack up with what I'm used to.


I've tried a variety of elements to see what can be done. Hope this could help someone.

  • Various Text Type/Character kerning/Paragraph stuff
  • Gradient Strokes, Fills
  • FX: Glow, Shadow, 3D
  • Pen: Custom Brush style with Pressure profile.
  • Curves: Shape Geometry Add/Fill




Download the Affinity Designer File (21 MB).

favicon-16.png BRANDbrilliance • Graphics • Websites • Printing • E-marketing

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Show it to a hairdresser or beautician and see how they respond this question...would you read this? 


Nice touch with the barcode. :D Don't forget to include the date, price and issue cover.


Roll on APu and 2016...

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