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Add Nodes & Handles interaction tool (Curvature tool)

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I have explained the tool idea (And provide examples) in this other topic:

A tool that makes the handles interact with the nodes, the handles change depending of the node movement

Could be an upgrade to the current node tool, as a setting for the way the node tool manage the handles:

Settings 3.png

(Second Image is a zoom for the image above)

Or be a completely new tool instead

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Hi Larry And Hi Affinity workers...

The ancestor off Aff Designer, Draw Plus X8 had a tool "Pen B-Spline" very useful to retrace from a scanned model.
This B-Spline Feather is also present in the Expression software (Creature House Fractal Design - 1996 ?) Fallen into the hands of Microsoft
and offered free in 2003.
In Expression, you can modify the nodes afterwards, (roundtrip from an acute angle to a curve).

The people at Designer should put the B-Spline up to date, personally I was looking for this kind of tool that I discovered ... Affinity! WAVESET.thumb.jpg.beaacc79d5e188a6e550e7a96dac5a6e.jpg1575336927_B-Spline2.jpg.2b51f06222e8fcbcf743d8aeeac2ceb3.jpg187123976_B-Spline1.jpg.1d1103d709c702e1bd1271ce25d57c8c.jpg


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I remember Expression very well.  The vector skeleton which included stroke width as well as position, combined with clever image- or vector-based stroke rendering, was exceptional.  If that combination of features finds its way into Affinity Designer, I would be ecstatic.

As an experienced Rhinoceros CAD and CorelDRAW graphics design user, I have a lot of familiarity with tweaking B-splines (there is a intimate mathematical relationship between B-splines and chains of Bezier curve segments).  But the Expression stroke rendering is something I've not seen in another application.

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Expression currently runs smoothly on WIN 7, unfortunately its interface looks rustic today and it takes good eyes to manipulate its tools.
If at Affinity they wanted to add this B-Spline, Designer's arsenal would not be far from complete! (I have the exe of this software and I can send it to whoever wants: V 3.3 Beta - Not for Sale - Creature House Expression - 59 MB).

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I am not familiarized with B-spline tool name, not sure if that is what I am suggesting in the OP:
What I suggest is a Curvature tool able to do this:5idvPhPONZ.thumb.gif.4fcfc874f5922fb9422ba1e1967b8dfb.gif
(I don´t work with lines, I work only with shapes)
The gif show the difference between the two shape modifier tools
- Handle tool: Only modify the position of the nodes
- Curvature tool: Modify node and handles (including handles of other nodes too) at the same time
Do the B-spline tool work as the gif example to modify shapes? (Maybe the Curvature tool and the B-spline tool are exactly the same feature with a different name)

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