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Tiled Bitmap Fill Will Not Output To PDF

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I have a problem with a document because some tiled bitmap fills are not rendering correctly when output as PDF. I believe, given this thread, that this is a known bug. As there’s been no further reply over on that thread, I’ve done some more testing. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • I have eleven master pages each using a frame filled with a tiled bitmap. Of these, only four render correctly when output as PDF (using any of the presets).
  • If I export a spread with a non-working master page as jpeg, it renders correctly. (This is not a workaround as I can’t send jpegs to the printer.)
  • If I use a working master in place of a non-working master, the same page then renders correctly. That suggests it's not the spread that's the problem, it's the master page.
  • If I duplicate a working master and use that, it renders correctly.
  • If I then replace the image in the duplicated master with a different one, it no longer renders correctly.
  • If I go back and put back the original image, which was working, it then no longer renders correctly. Therefore it appears it’s not the image I’m tiling that is the source of the problem.
  • If I create a brand new master page from scratch, it does not render correctly, even if I use an image that is working in another master page.
  • The problem is exactly the same whether I output the entire document or just an affected spread.

Right now I’ve got a 70-page document I can't publish because about 20 pages of it won't output correctly as PDF no matter what I try.

If anyone has any suggestions for workarounds or other things to try, I’d love to hear them, thanks.

I’m running Publisher 1.7.3 on a Mac.

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A couple of other things I've tried:

  • Using the default blank master page and recreating the tiled fill directly on the spread. 
  • Creating a brand new document from scratch and making new master pages with tiled fills then applying them to blank pages.

Same thing, won't output correctly as PDF.

I can't help feeling I'm missing something obvious here. This seems like a pretty basic thing that should work. 

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I have finally found the difference between the working tiles and the non-working ones. If a tiled image is rotated, even just a tiny bit, it renders as a PDF correctly. If it is not rotated, it will not render correctly in PDF. Resizing makes no difference, it's only the lack of rotation that stops it working properly.

I can reproduce this bug every time:

1. Create a blank document. 

2. Place a frame the that fills the page to the margins.

3. Use the fill tool to fill it with a tiled image. Don't rotate it.

4. Output as PDF. It won't render correctly. Output as jpeg, it will render correctly.

5. Rotate the tiled image a bit, try outputting as PDF again and it will output correctly.

6. Put the tiled image back straight, and it will no longer output correctly as a PDF.

Hope this is useful in fixing the bug.

A possible workaround in the meantime is to "pre-rotate" an image destined to be used as a tile fill, then rotate it back in Publisher to get it straight again.

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