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Color Palettes :: sort / open default

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In the Swatches Panel > Palette Menu I would appreciate to be able to

1. sort application palette entries, f.i. alphabetically

2. choose a palette as default on app start

3. have the recently used palette (when saving a document) become selected + appearing on that document re-open

Reason: I avoid to use the default palette "Colours" which always shows up in the Swatches panel on app start – because a.) all swatches are created in HSL and b.) its swatches are sorted a little odd (by saturation, not by color/hue) and don't react on the sort order command.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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I would like to "second the above motion." I use colour palettes all the time and have about 50 of them I can call up, but why can't I simply have the same palettes that I was just using in the same AD or AP doc appear when I bring the same doc up again after bringing the app anew? As thomaso states above, why is there not an option to make my current palatte the default palette rather than going looking for it among my many palettes. Thomaso's three suggestions above seem to me to be a given and would be a big help for me and I'm sure for others, also. I wonder why Affinity has not made it so.  

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