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I have a simple document in Affinity Publisher. I have a master spread "A" applied to the spread of two pages. Essentially the default Master as the document is created. I have added a section name and page number to the master "A" pages. I also have a second master page, "B", which is applied only to the first page in a section and shows a heading text frame at the top.. The document contains about 10 sections. 

Each page consists of text frames with the occasional image , linked, added . So a very simple document.

My problem comes with deleting pages. By default I have the page number at the bottom left of left pages and bottom right on right side pages but with pages being deleted or added this is occasionally reversed on some pages.

If I try to correct this, by selecting the page and selecting "Apply Master" I sometimes get the desired result and sometimes I get the text frame and all the text deleted.

I there a way to correct this without starting over again?


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Hi Gerard O,

Struggling to reproduce this, i have heard of cases where applying a Master Page deletes the contents of a page, as you describe.  Would you be able to attach your afpub file and i'll look into this further :) 

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Hi Gerard,

Thanks for the file.

If you try this in the current Beta from herehttps://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/101013-affinity-publisher-customer-beta-180499/

You should find it handles deleting pages a lot better, due to some tweaks made to how Publisher deals with Left and Right Master pages (eg, the page numbers will be in the correct position).

Also not sure if you are aware, on some pages you seem to have applied Master A twice to some pages (for example page 8 and 9) which could also cause some problems.  Either way, working in the current beta will resolve the issues with page numbers when you delete a page :)  


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Hi Stokerg,

Thanks for your reply.

I downloaded the beta and reopened the file( a copy!).

I selected page 7, right clicked to Clear masters. The background colour was removed.

I then clicked on apply Masters, selected master A again. This corrected the page number position bur deleted all the text on page 7. !

(  "replace existing" and "migrate frame content" were both  selected, as default. )

edited file attached.  Perhaps you could have another look.


ModelEngineering Articles - forBeta.afpub

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I wonder has anyone advice on this problem. Without feed back from Serif I feel I am stuck

It appears that Affinity Publisher cannot apply Master pages consistently when pages are inserted or deleted, and the fix in the beta causes deletion of content.

Wonder if anyone has found a fix for this, or alternatively is there a place to report bugs like this?


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