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Beeing stuck on liquify persona - cannot change persona

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I have the full version of affinity photo.

I used (played) with liquify persona a lot and pushing almost every button just to see what it does.

It's working great.


I then click on apply

I go back to dev persona (where I was just before)


I want to go on photo persona.

I click on photo persona it tells me to "develop" the picture.

I click develop

I'm back on the liquify persona.


It doesn't go on the photo persona.


did I miss something or is it a bug ?

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I have only just seen this post, but this is something I have picked up on today and have logged internally. Glad to see I'm not the only one!


Although once you press develop, even though it takes you back to the liquify persona, you are able to switch back to the photo persona from there and continue your work which will hopefully help you whilst we get this sorted.

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I even can't get back to the photo persona.

Started in photo persona, changed to liquify, changed to develop without choosing cancel or apply. On the way back to photo it tells me I need to cancel or develop, so I cancel. Then it automatically changes to liquify, which I also now chose to cancel. Now I'm stuck in develop again without any way out. Closing the application always tells me I need to develop my picture.

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That isn't good. That's a bug to do with cancelling Liquify persona when the last persona is the Develop persona.


You can break out of this cycle by clicking on the Photo Persona in the Liquify persona (don't press Apply or Cancel which it will allow if nothing has been done).


If you are stuck in the Develop persona without the Develop nor Cancel button. Follow this:

- Click on the Photo Persona

- Choose Develop and you will be in the Liquify Persona.

- Click on the Photo Persona without pressing Apply nor Cancel.

- You should be in the Photo Persona.

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