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Artboards & Export persona: Image sizes randomly off by one pixel

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I am an app developer and I use Affinity Designer to do all my App Store screenshots. The way I do it is I use a document with many artboards, each representing a screenshot and a device (and possibly a language version, but that might be pushing it). Finally I use the export persona to export the artboards as images to be uploaded to the App Store.

The problem I'm having is that if the artboard location for a single screenshot is not a "full pixel" but instead has decimals the image/slice size in export persona might be one pixel less or more than the actual artboard size. This is problematic since App Store requires exact resolutions. Figuring out the fix/workaround took me a long time but it still is a chore to ensure every artboard to be on a full, non-decimal pixel location before exporting.

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Hi valorbyte,

This is something that catches people out unfortunately, but there aren't currently any simple or easy fixes due to the implementation of a series of different things.

You can use 'Force Pixel Alignment' and 'Move By Whole Pixels' near the snapping options when working with icons and pixel perfect work. With these on moving and creating artboards (and objects) will always ensure they're placed on pixel boundaries.

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