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Text Styles Shortcut Display Issues

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In beta, when you assign a custom shortcut to a text style, the shortcut does not appear listed in the text style studio as it does in 1.7.3, and it appears to be in conflict with itself. To explain what I mean by the latter, edit a style (here I'll say it is called "Body" for the sake of illustration) by assigning a free shortcut (I used opt-p as a test). When you add the shortcut, it accepts it without problem, and you can click OK to save the text style edits. But then go edit the style again, and in the shortcut field, there is now the yellow alert icon indicating a shortcut conflict. When you hover the mouse over the symbol, it says "Text Style Body" to let you know that the chosen shortcut is already assigned (to the very text style you are editing).

Note that the shortcut does still work.

This is a regression, in that the issue is not in 1.7.3 but is in Tested on macOS 10.14.6 (also discovered yesterday while on 10.13.something). 

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