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Issues with Selection Tools

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I'm experiencing issues (bugs?) with the selection tools. The latest one is:

eg. The Magic Wand Selection tool is now renamed "Flood Selection Tool" and seems to not work. In the screenshot below I have reduced tolerance to 1% and selected the black area, yet it's selected the entire screen. I'm presuming that's not the intended action as:

1. It's kind of pointless having a "flood Selection tool" that selects the whole screen when you can simply go > Select > Select All from the drop down menus

2. There's no point in tolerance settings if 1% is the same as 100%!


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I'm not experiencing the same behavior. My guess is that, under the layers panel, you have an adjustment layer selected. An adjustment layer, by default, has a mask that is all white. Thus, the flood selecting is going to select everything. Go to layers (look at the right; change the tab from "Adjustments" to "layers") and select the background layer and try again. 

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