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The updated drop caps feature with support for user-specified number of characters to extend the effect, does not operate ideally:


There are multiple issues:

1) The text following the last dropped cap is awkwardly positioned, as if using kerning tables, yet this text has autokerning turned off (0% kerning). What is worse, this cannot be properly corrected even with manual kerning, and it is not possible even to add space characters before the "h" character (they have not effect). This error only happens with letters like A, T, etc. which have kerning pair definitions, but not with letters like N, M or L.

2) If the first dropped cap is a quotation mark, it will not be automatically changed according to the paragraph's typography language. See the difference to the next paragraph where correct quotation mark is automatically used.

On the other hand, see the next paragraph after the drop cap: here autokerning is on, yet the letter "h" is not kerned under "T", simimlarly as it is in context of drop cap, where autokerning is turned off!


3) The third bug in the feature is that if there are more than 1 drop cap letters, manual kerning that is performed does not affect the space between the dropped cap and the text following it, but the spacing between the previous two dropped caps.

4) The fourth bug is that manual kerning between the last drop cap and text following (even when only 1 letter is dropped), does no longer adjust spacing of the successive text lines that are affected by the drop cap feature (e.g. 2 or 3 lines), but ONLY the first line (in release version this works correctly).

The whole feature is now more or less unuseable.




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1) The positioning problem is due to an interaction between the drop cap and optical alignment with justified text. If in the first line you switch optical alignment off for 'T', it is positioned correctly. This will be fixed in a future update.

2) I can't reproduce this. I doubt it involves the drop cap. Exactly what did you type to make it happen?

3) and 4) This happens because the text is justified and that is interacting with the kerning. In effect the drop cap gets its own little box. Kerning changes the width of that box, and then justification applies letter spacing to fit the whole box. It behaves as expected with left-aligned text. I agree it's wrong and should be fixed.

Thanks for reporting these. As far as I can tell, none them are to do with the new Characters feature in 1.8. They all happen in 1.7.3, too, if you have the same combination of justified text and optical alignment, so they aren't a new problem with drop caps, and it's no more unusable than it used to be.

There's a drop cap field Distance to text that can help with positioning, rather than trying to kern between the drop cap and the following text.

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We have made improvements/fixes to this area of the program in the latest Affinity Publisher beta. If you would like to try these changes the beta software is available in the forum posts listed below. Once Affinity Publisher has been through a full beta process the change will be released in a future free 1.8.0 update to all customers.

The 1.8.0 builds are in links at the top of these forum posts

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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