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Still incorrect text wrapping

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I have reported this a couple of times earlier but could not find my old posts.

The wrapping feature has improved but I think there is still error in "Ignore Text Wrapping" feature (Beta and current release version).

As far as I have understood correctly, text wrapping should happen using the following logic (imitating behavior of InDesign):

1) If graphic object has been set to wrap, it always wraps text around it, no matter what is the z-order of the object in relation to the text frame being wrapped. It wraps text even if the object is hidden (as in InDesign). (Orange ellipse wraps text in the green text frame.)

2) If two text frames overlap but only one of them has text wrapping set, the text frame will wrap text in the frame that does not have text  wrapping set, disregarding the z-order of the text frames. (Text in green frame is wrapped by the orange text frame.) 

3) If two text frames both have text wrapping set, the object that is higher in z-order will wrap text in the frame that is lower is z-order. (Blue text frame wraps text in the orange text frame.)

4) If text frame has "Ignore Text Wrapping" property turned off, text in that text frame should not wrap. (Text in the yellow text frame.) If the InDesign behavior is mimicked, the setting should not affect in any way to the text frame's own wrapping properties (i.e., the way the text frame itself wraps text in other text frames). As it has been implemented now, the setting does change the text frame's own wrapping properties, which does not make sense, at all. 

The question is, why does the yellow text frame below (which has text wrapping set on) wrap text in the orange text frame? The yellow text frame is lower in z-order than the orange text frame, and both text frames have text wrapping turned on, so the text in the orange frame that is higher in z-order, should not be wrapped by the yellow text frame. If "Ignore Text Wrapping" is turned off from the yellow frame, the yellow text frame (correctly) no longer wraps the text in the orange text frame (but instead the orange text frame now wraps the text in yellow text frame). 

Attached is a Publisher file (note: saved in latest Beta version) so it is easy to test the behavior by toggling the "Ignore Text Wrapping" setting of the yellow text frame.




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The intended rule is that text wraps around objects with wrap outlines, with the exception that two text frames won't both wrap around each other if that would leave a space empty of text. In that situation, z-order decides which frame wins. The frame underneath wraps to avoid its own text being hidden by the frame on top.

In your example, the yellow frame has a wrap outline, so the orange frame wraps around it. This doesn't leave a space empty of text because the yellow frame is ignoring wraps on other objects and so fills the overlap with orange. So the z-order rule isn't needed.

The rationale is to avoid both spaces empty of text and spaces with overlapping text. If we change the rule as you suggest, then the area of overlap between the orange and yellow frames will be filled with text from both frames. In practice such overlapping text becomes an ugly mess that cannot be read.

So that's why the current behaviour is as it is. I appreciate it is not quite what you expected, but do you agree now that it is being consistent and simple? It's arguably simpler than InDesign's behaviour because it doesn't have a special case of ignoring z-order for graphic objects. When you say it is "incorrect", is that just because it is different to InDesign or has it caused you a problem in a real document?

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