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Blue screen when substituting fonts for PDF

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When trying to substitute fonts when opening a PDF, I twice got the blue screen from Windows 10. Designer version

The blue screen cited cldfit.sys.

Regards -- Tony

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Hi Tony,

the file "cldfit.sys" belongs to the OneDrive-Service of Windows. A recent update of Windows can cause some trouble. Walt.Farell created a post on that topic last autumn:




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I'll report back on that thread. I did remove that update, which allowed me to substitute the fonts and edit the file. However, when I tried to save my edits as a Designer file the blue screen returned.


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Hi tonyl09,

Unfortunately this is not something being caused by our software. User mode applications (i.e our apps) are not capable of causing a BSOD on Windows. It is only kernel-mode applications (in most cases drivers) that can cause them. The cldflt.sys file listed is one that belongs to Microsoft's One Drive.

There does seem to be a few users (notably HP machines) who are getting this in other applications such as Outlook when saving attachments:


I would suggest you disable One Drive for the time being and stop it from starting when you turn your machine on and see if that improves the situation.

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