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krbo Focus Merge drops out pictures by itself

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I've stumbled to a bug using Focus Merge option, will report it here in beta but it is also present in latest retail version.

Made a series of pictures - it was a handheld sequence so there are some shaking and moving between them.
If I load all of them (50 for the test) AP makes merging but drops out first 16 and starts result from #17. (pic1, pic2)

If I try merge on first 16 only all is OK, first 20 is also OK, but first 30 - bang - this time it drops last 14 pictures and stops at #16. (pic3)

There is obviously bigger difference between picture 16 and 17 so AP gets confused but in any way no auto-dropping should be done - I should/would like to be a judge what to leave out in next merge attempt.

No other stacking software I tried behaves like this so I would like very much to have this fixed, it's not easy to check in a bigger stack are all my pictures in, or AP had his thoughts what's OK :)





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Hey krbo,

I can reproduce this. I've observed everything you have said and I agree, we shouldn't really be throwing anything away.

I've tested it with 120 images and it worked fine. I'm really not sure what is failing here so I'll need to pass this to the developers. 

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yes, I was also confused as I do focus merge at least twice a week since AP for win was released and never ever saw that

I hope devs will catch up the bug :)


thanks for your assistance!



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