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Predictable Frame Behaviour

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I’m finding Publisher’s frame behaviour a little confusing at time.

Sometime when I draw a frame and place a graphic or photo within it. I can move the object within the frame around independently of the frame, I.E.: when the object is moved partly outside the frame, the boundaries of the frame mask it. This is wjat I would expect it to do.

However, sometimes when I place an object within a frame it seems to lock itself to the frame’s boundaries. The object and frame move as one and if I pull in the edge of the frame, the object within it will start to distort rather than keeping its size and being masked by the edge of the frame.

I’ve used the layers panel to make sure I select the object and not the frame layer just above it, but this doesn’t seem to make any difference. Often, all I can do is draw a fresh frame, place a fresh object within it and then everything behaves itself as I would expect.

Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can keep the movement and of the object and frame independent of each other?

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Placing an Image into a Document is different to Placing an image into a Picture Frame and they work differently.
In my attached GIF, the top layer is a Picture Frame and the bottom layer is an Image.
Double-click a Picture Frame to work on the image inside it rather than the frame itself.
Check your images/frames to see what sort of layers you have.
Does this help any?


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Thanks for your reply Garry and apologies for my delay in replying.

It does help, but it seems Pub sometimes "converts" a picture frame with a placed Photoshop image into an image on its own volition. Things are better in 1.8 but it can still happen sometimes. This happens even if the "prefer linked" option is used. I need to keep digging down in the layers pallet to get to the image within the frame or sometimes I'll just delete it, draw a new picture frame and re-place the image into it. I'll also often make a copy of a photoshop, flatten it to a jpeg and then insert that instead as that usually gives a more predictable result.

It would be nice if Pub treated all types of placed images, jpeg, tiff, photoshop or PDF (not strictly an image format, I know) the same way - or gave the user the choice to convert an image within a picture frame to an image of its own right when the image is first placed into the programme..

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