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Affinity Photo feature roadmap

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Even Art-boards! Wow!


Can't see the Canvas rotation, but I think it will follow AD implementation


-Develop improvements     


Is here included the ability to process a RAW without gamma correction?

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First, I must congratulate with all the team for the great work you have done. This software looks really great for being its first version, and the feature roadmap is a big step forward.
Before that, I must submit a request about the UI. I usually work with two monitors so I can have the palettes on the second monitor and the maximum space reserved to the image on the first one.
When I detach all the palettes everything becomes confused as they don't have a border and I cannot distinguish them very well.

Take a look at https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5kamum5he2fydr/Mixed%20palettes.png?dl=0


Adding a simple border or a thin shadow would make the job IMO.

That said, it would be a great enhancement to have customizable workspaces for different situations.
Still in terms of usability, customized sets of shortcuts would be very useful.
I was very pleased to see how color management is well supported inside the application. Here too, having the possibility to save different color settings would be useful.
All these requests comes from the professional field as I do a lot of retouching and color correction every day.
More suggestions very soon.
Great work, guys! :)


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A suggestion for a feature related to the print side.


Please ad support for Hifi offset printing, i.e. CMYK + other colours such as RGB (Opatone) or OG (Hexachrome). I know these are very niche, but that is my point. I am a photographer that is looking to produce hi-end photo books, and it is very hard to find software to create anything beyond basic CMYK separations. Most certainly not with Adobe stuff. Once the files are separated layout software will pass it through to the PDF if you do it right, but the initial separations, and accurate soft proofing and CC is pretty much impossible with current software. Old versions of Photoshop (CS2) can do it, along with plug-ins, but Adobe got lazy and dropped support.


Once again, I know it is niche stuff, but for those that need it, it would be a huge win to have current software that they can use.


Kind regards,

Jason Berge.



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Thanks for the roadmap and all of the hard work! The app is great so far. i'm especially happy to see the pro printing features on there, as they are very important (don't forget duo/tritone/custom ink mode!).


Everyone has a different workflow and needs, but for me here are the priorities. This is coming from someone who is editing scanned images for export to web and to print (cmyk press, not a home printer).


-Blemish tool needs to act more like the PS spot healer. Currently it tends to move the dust spots around if the pen is dragged. The PS version is much more forgiving. This is my most used tool, as I must dust spot high volume print scans, which are always filthy no matter how much you wipe that scanner glass.

-I made a post about this one earlier: rapid UI background color change. It is VERY useful to be able to see the image on black, then white, then grey without menu-diving. PS does this with the F button when changing fullscreen status. Shadows look very different on black vs white, etc.

-Simpler crop like (sorry to compare again) the old pre-v6 PS crop tool. Just drag a box without the outer box thing hanging around.


I'll think of more :). 

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Love this new product. Got some ideas/improvements.


+1 when nothing is selected, add the document setup button next to preferences like you have in Designer (easy access to the artboard/settings). When you implement artboards you might want to actually just open the height/width here for direct editing (or have some kind of lock) -- see pic below.



+1 when you hover over the "invisible" lock icon on a layer, make it 50% visible and clickable -- like a quick lock  (low priority feature)

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Yes. Half of those are things I have wanted to ask for. Excellent ambition. Thank you.


One other requests.


Today I am 40€ poorer and and one Affinity Photo richer. A great bargain!!


However this means that yet again I have to re-set my personalised work space. Affinity must store this somewhere to preserve it from session to session. Could we PLEASE have it exportable to a user file like, brushes, styles, etc.


Looking forward to new features ......  :)

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I also want to articulate that IMHO the refine selection panel has some room for improvement,

Especially I´m thinking about the Matte function where you can tell AP to take a closer look at some regions.


Even in your vimeo tutorial https://vimeo.com/130974710

I attached the two screenshots. The b/w line does not capture the railing - maybe it´s because there is some feathering going on which captures it but is not displayed by the line...


Nevertheless I have had problems with the refine selection brush matte in pretty much every image. It tends to cut into my selection, select parts of the skin when I want to refine the outline of a head. And that´s although I don´t consider my backgrounds to be complex.

I always have to step back and clean up the inner parts of the selection where the refine brush has damaged it. 

Hair is not that bad though.


PS has some functionality like dynamic hardness or something like that - don´t know if such things would help.


I`d be interested into the devs opinion as well as in the experiences of you all.... have you got similar problems?


i agree with you , i see the same but in my experience ps does a better job with hair. hair selections with ps are more defined and less fuzzy than ap even improving the mask does not give equal resultes.

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i really would love to see improved color correction tools .  hsl needs a color selection and sample tool  like ps for example  and as someone already suggested in another post a kind color equalizer would be really cool.  but what  i miss most  is a  kind of color correction tool in the develop persona.

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I would like to ask for TIFF format with layers support. All my images are saved in TIFF mainly because it can be viewed almost anywhere (example - phone). Currently, TIFF files are always flat whenever I open them if Affinity Photo.


Also, whenever I open an EPS or SVG, it opens it in its original resolution. Photoshop gives an option to resize it and scale it without loss. I've tried "placing" an EPS/SVG file, and it does scale properly, but since it's embedded, there's no way for me to edit it unless I rasterize it.

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Congrats to Affinity Photo. I´m very surprised about the features and performance of this app. 


I´d like to use my psd-actions in affinity photo. Perhaps you find a way to import or convert this actions to affinity..


Best Regards



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