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Copy image pixels Marquee Background and Export bug

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I made a screenshot, drag-opened it with affinity -designer. 

selected a portion/part of the image with the marquee tool, 

cut it (with CMD+X)

pasted it (with CMD-V)

removed the background layer (e.g. original screenshot/image).

pasted an other selection of an image.


on slice-export it displays, what could be the original background image.



Vector shapes on top the image are omitted at export.


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Hi geometryone,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I've tried to reproduce your steps but everything seems to be working fine here.

Affinity Designer always creates a slice automatically from the whole document (with the name of the original image dragged to Affinity). If you select, cut and paste part of the image this slice should reflect those changes.


If you place a vector object in front of an image layer and create slices from their corresponding layers (the image and the vector object), you will get an image for each object/layer.

If you want them in the same image when exported you have to create a slice manually. Check this video tutorial for more info on how to do this.


Affinity Designer will be updated very soon. There was improvements to several export formats / Export Persona. Eventually some of those issues may have been already solved.

I you still have trouble after the Mac App Store update let me know so we can check out what's going wrong and start from there.

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